WrapIt™ Repair Silicone Tape

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Tech Docs
Product Details:
WrapIt Repair™ is a self-fusing, flexible silicone repair tape that has been used by the Military for years. Specially formulated silicone rubber, contains no adhesives and yet chemically bonds to itself upon contact. Stretch and wrap for an airtight, waterproof seal in seconds. Repair and seal hoses, cables, appliance cords, leaking pipes, broken branches, stake plants. Replaces duct tape and electrical tape.

Size: 1” x 10’ black tape, carded

Units per case: 6

1A first aid kit for your home, automobile, garage, boat, RV, camper, tool box
2Tensile strength: 700 psi
3Temperature Range: -80°F to 500°F Intermittent
4Easy to remove; leaves no sticky residue
5Withstands Fuel, Salt, Water, Oil & Acids
Use to seal, insulate and waterproof various connector hoses, electrical wires and connections, video and audio cables as well as emergency fuel or water hose repairs

1. Remove any excess dirt, oil, etc. from repair area. Clean hands before starting repair.
2. Peel 1-2 inches of liner from tape. Press firmly to surface and wrap the first wrap completely over itself by stretching and overlapping tape. NOTE: It is very important that the tape is stretched and overlaps itself completely on the first and final wrap around your object.

3. Stretch as you wrap and overlap layers about 2/3 of previous wrap, peeling liner as you go. Finish by completely overlapping the last wrap and press firmly.

4. The tape fuses on both sides as you wrap. The tape will start bonding together almost immediately. Do not try to reposition or reuse tape. At room temperature tape completely fuses in 24 hours.

To remove WrapIt™ Repair tape, gently use a safety razor to carefully cut the tape along
the width. Tape will not leave a sticky residue. Tape stretches up to 3 times its length. The more you stretch, the stronger the grip and the faster the tape fuses together.

NOTE: For leaks, use several layers of stretched tape. For electrical repairs, disconnect the power before starting repair.

Contains: Methyl vinyl silicone gum. Precautionary Statements – Storage: Store in a
well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed. Store locked up. Precautionary Statements
– Disposal: Dispose of contents/container to an approved waste disposal plant

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