Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use MEGA BLACK?
MEGA BLACK silicone is a high-flex, moisture curing gasketing material that also offers oil resistance. Today, we see components changing and unlike materials meeting (plastic/steel, aluminum/steel, etc.), all with different rates of expansion and contraction. In addition, with technology advancing, regulations and requirements tightening, we see thinner metals, fewer fasteners, and wider spread bolt patterns. The strength and flexibility of MEGA BLACK handles the changes and added stresses that exist between today’s lightweight, high performance, and premium component assemblies. It is sensor safe, low odor, and non-corrosive with resistance to oil and shop fluids.
Use on newer lightweight and premium components where maximum oil resistance is required. MEGA BLACK is best for assemblies where dissimilar materials meet. Application examples include valve covers, oil pans, oil pumps, intake manifold end seals, and timing gear covers.
MEGA GREY is designed for high rigidity, high torque, and high performance. This feature combination joined with outstanding resistance to oils, coolant, and shop fluids make MEGA GREY one of the most versatile gasket makers available. MEGA GREY resists aging, weathering and will not harden, shrink, or crack. It is sensor safe, low-odor and non-corrosive.
Use on high-torque, high vibration applications, like those common in import & late model engines and component upgrades. MEGA GREY is best for assemblies where high vibration exist. Application examples include valve covers, intake manifold end seals, timing covers, water pump and thermostat housings, Automatic transmission pans, and slip-fit exhaust parts.
Versachem® does not suggest adding any solvents, chemicals, or fillers to any of our products that will change their formulas, characteristics, or the way that the Versachem® product was designed to perform. Versachem® offers many other products that may work for your application. You can contact the Tech Center at 1-877-376-2839 and, if you give them more information, they will be able to help you select another product that might work for your application.
The Mega Copper® is a silicone product and is copper in color. It does not contain any copper or other metal and it is not electrically conductive. For additional information, go to the Ultra Copper product page and view the TDS.
How long does it take the Versachem® Exhaust System Joint and Crack Sealer to dry before putting it into operation?
The product will cure in 2-4 hours and be ready to put back into operation.
What is the temperature limit of the Versachem® Muffler Weld Exhaust System Repair?
The temperature limit is 1,000°F max. (1,500°F Intermittent)
When installing the Versachem® Tiger Patch Muffler and Tail Pipe Repair Tape do you remove the protective film from both sides of the tape?
Yes the backing on each side of the tape needs to be removed before installation.
Does Versachem® offer a product that will help repair a plastic tank?
Yes the Versachem® Plastic Tank and Radiator Repair Kit will help you permanently repair tanks made from acrylic, abs, vinyl with leaks in less than 20 minutes. You can also use it to repair pinholes, rust-outs, hairline cracks and holes up to ½” in diameter
What types of materials are considered “active” and “inactive”?

Active: Soft Steel, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Bronze, Manganese, Brass, Aluminum Alloy

Inactive: Bright Plating, Anodized Surfaces, Titanium, Zinc Pure Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cadmium

How can I tell when the Versachem® product was manufactured?
All Versachem® products are stamped with a date/batch code number indicating when the product was made. Here’s an example of the date code and how to read it (Example: 9AB1234A01) the first digit is the year 1=2011, 0=2000, 9=2009 etc. and the first letter is the month of the year A=Jan. B=Feb. C=Mar. etc. the next letters and digits is the batch number and the last two digits in the day of the week the product was manufactured 01=1st-31=31st. The example: 9AB1234A01= 9=2009 A=January 01=1st day of month.
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