Muffler Cast®: Heavy Duty – Tail Pipe Repair Kit

US Item #: 90101
CA Item #: 90101
Tech Docs
Tech Docs
Product Details:
VersaChem® Muffler Cast® is a heavy duty tail pipe repair kit that seals out exhaust fumes and vapors using a special infused material that molds into small holes, seams and cracks. The all steel exhaust clamp provides additional support to make sure you have a strong seal.

Size: 1 Kit, clamshelled

Units per case: 6

1Fits pipes 1-1/4" - 2-3/4"
2Special infused material superior to similar fiberglass products
Exhaust pipes, tailpipes

1. Exhaust system should be cold before repair is started. Always wear protective eyewear and
gloves. Clean rust and dirt from area to be repaired with sandpaper and alcohol wipe supplied.
2. Cut Muffler Cast® bandage into sections about 12” long. Squeeze total contents of Liquid
Activator from tube into empty pan. Immerse Muffler-Cast® bandage sections into Liquid
Activator, gently squeeze excess back into pan.
3. Moisten area to be repaired with wet rag or sponge.
4. Position Heat shield over repair area and wrap the Muffler Cast® strips firmly around the
damaged area overlapping 1” to give a double layer. For best seal, make sure wrap covers an
area the width of included clamp.
5. Put bolt through hole in clamp and start threading bolt into clip. Form clamp around Muffler-
Cast, wrapping the end of the band through the slot at the other end. Squeeze clamp tight
and drop the end of the clip into the closest clip slot. Tighten clamp. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!
6. Do not start engine for ½ hour after repair to allow for proper curing. After ½ hour, start
engine and idle for about 10 minutes to complete repair.

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