5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive, Quick-Set

US Item #: 43109
Tech Docs
Tech Docs
Product Details:
5 Minute® Epoxy is a two-part, rapid curing, general purpose epoxy that dries clear. This high strength formula forms a permanent bond on almost any material. Use it to bond metal, wood, chrome, concrete, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, china and more

Size: 1 oz (28g)

Units per case: 12

15 minute set time
2High Strength Permanent bond
3Water Resistant
41500 PSI
Fiberglass, glass, metal, rubber, wood

1. Surfaces must be clean and dry, free from grease, oil or rust.
2. Be sure not to mix the tubecaps. Squeeze equal amounts from each tube and mix thoroughly for 30 to 60 seconds. Mix only the amount you can use in 5 minutes.(Setting time slightly longer at cooler temperatures, below 45°F (+7°C)).
3. Apply mixture to surface to be repaired. Apply pressure while product sets. NOTE: Does not bond to Polyethylene
or Polypropylene Plastics. This epoxy product is recommended for indoor use only, as the cured epoxy can yellow and darken when exposed to sunlight and the elements.

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